Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Slough UKIP councillor targeted by hate campaign

A UKIP councillor in Slough has been targeted by vandals in what is believed to be a politically-motivated attack.

Cllr Diana Coad's front door was kicked in last weekend and witnesses heard someone say "there's the UKIP car" immediately before the attack. Last year she was subjected to people spitting at her car, which has UKIP logos on it, whilst she was driving.

Cllr Coad believes she is a victim of the anti-UKIP hate campaign that has seen an MEP's windows smashed, Nigel Farage receiving death threats and many other UKIP staff and elected representatives subjected to hatred and threats.

Diana Coad was the Leader of Slough Conservatives when she defected to UKIP in January 2015.