Thursday, 6 October 2016

Steven Woolfe is doing ok but why are our MEPs fighting?

At a meeting of UKIP MEPs this morning in Strasbourg an altercation between Steven Woolfe and another UKIP MEP (rumoured to be Mike Hookem) ended with Woolfe being punched, banging his head on a metal bar and later requiring hospital treatment after collapsing in the EU Parliament.

Steven is staying overnight in hospital as a precaution but he's sitting up in bed, talking and sending emails. CT scans have shown that he doesn't have a bleed on the brain as rumoured earlier today but he does have numbness down one side of his face.

It's great news that it wasn't anything serious but extremely disappointing that our MEPs are doing bloody stupid things like fighting when the party is going through the upheaval of losing our new leader after just 18 days in post and desperately needing direction. In the absence of a leader and an NEC that seems devoid of common sense our MEPs should be taking the lead and keeping the momentum that built up during the referendum campaign, not fighting with each other.