Friday, 4 November 2016

EU campaigning High Court judge rules MPs must be allowed to block Brexit

Three High Court judges have ruled that the Prime Minister can't invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the process of leaving the EU without parliamentary approval.

The judges have thrown out 800 years of precedent in ruling that the Crown can no longer enter into or repudiate treaties without the permission of Parliament. Ironically, the Remainiacs behind the case have been spinning the Royal Prerogative as a 13th Century anachronism that has no place in a modern democracy had their case heard by three unelected judges representing offices created in the 13th Century, sitting in a court that dates back to the 12th Century.

The ruling came as a surprise to most people and has been described as judicial activism. Lord Thomas, who led the hearing, is a founding member of the European Law Institute which was set up to promote the integration of legal systems in the EU.

The British government is appealing the decision to Supreme Court and farcically it could even end up in the European Court of Justice as the final court of appeal. The pound has experienced a temporary bounce as big business weighs up how much influence they're going to have in the decision through their extensive lobbying networks and the probability of Remainiac MPs keeping us tied into the protectionist single market.

It is unlikely that MPs will vote to block our independence but rather introduce so many amendments that whilst we'd technically be out of the EU there would be very little difference between being in and out. In the British government's £9m propaganda booklet they were very clear that the decision on leaving the EU was ours not theirs. They were also very clear that they would do what we decided. MPs have no moral right to block Brexit and judges have no legal right to change government policy.

UKIP should now be leading efforts to organise pro-Brexit protests all over the country. We have sat back and watched the Remainiacs protest against democracy confident that the clearly expressed wishes of the electorate would be honoured but with an increasing number of Remain supporters being placed on Brexit committees, a Remain-supporting Prime Minister and a High Court judge who actively campaigns for more EU integration overturning several centuries of precedent to try and stop Brexit it is clear that we now need a show of force against the corrupt establishment.