Friday, 4 November 2016

What are you waiting for Prime Minister?

Yesterday's ruling on the legality of Theresa May invoking Article 50 to start the process of regaining our independence from the EU is an unwelcome delaying tactic but doesn't actually prevent the Prime Minister from invoking Article 50 using the Royal Prerogative.

The argument put forward by anti-democracy campaigner, Gina Miller, was that by using the Royal Prerogative to rescind the Lisbon Treaty, rights that were granted to UK citizens by Parliament when they legislated for our EU membership would be lost and that the Royal Prerogative can't be used to remove rights granted by an Act of Parliament.

The three High Court judges (all three of them known europhiles) ruled in favour of Miller, saying that removing those rights that originated from membership of the EU would go beyond the lawful limits of the Royal Prerogative in respect of treaties. However, Theresa May has promised a Great Repeal Bill which will adopt all EU law into domestic legislation before independence day. With this piece of legislation in place, triggering Article 50 won't remove any rights that UK citizens have from EU membership because they will have been transposed into domestic legislation and as it's adopting all current EU law, there is no reason why Remainiac MPs should oppose the introduction of this bill as a matter of urgency to guarantee the rights that they don't want us to lose. The prime minister would then be able to invoke Article 50 lawfully according to yesterday's judgement.

So what are you waiting for Prime Minister? Get the Great Repeal Bill in front of MPs and let's get our independence back.