Tuesday 20 December 2016

Berlin lorry attack death toll rises to 12, driver was a Pakistani asylum seeker

The presumed terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Germany last night has left 12 people dead and 48 injured according to official sources.

German police have described the incident as "a probable attack" and have confirmed that the passenger in the truck was Polish whilst news outlets are reporting that the driver was an asylum seeker from Pakistan who arrived in Germany in February.

The lorry belongs to a Polish delivery company, Ariel. The company said that they lost contact with the driver - a cousin of the owner of the company - at around 3pm GMT after he was turned away from his destination. They believe he may have been hijacked and that the passenger is their driver.

The American government have described it as a probable terrorist attack whilst Donald Trump - who was last night confirmed as the next president by the Electoral College - has been less equivocal and blamed it on Islamic terrorism.

The question on many peoples' lips isn't how or why did this happen because we already know the answer, but what more has to happen in Germany before the German people say enough is enough and force Merkel to stop facilitating the import of terrorism into Europe? ISIS are quite open about the use of the mass immigration of Africans, Arabs and Asians into Europe as a means of getting their people into Europe to carry out terrorist attacks and while the policy of European governments is to allow them in rather than facilitating them remaining safely in their own country we will all come under increasing threat from terrorism.

This disturbing incident highlights why it is increasingly important not to accept free movement of people with the EU as part of our exit negotiations. We must be able to control our borders and prevent the terrorists being invited into the continent from making their way here.