Thursday, 15 December 2016


Letter to those who are in control of our BREXIT:

Today the 27 member states that will be left in the EU have decided to hold a dinner and chat about BREXIT with out the PM present.

BREXIT is about Britain so we should be there to hear plans and other stupidities they are going to threaten us with.

My opinion is that they are blinkered in their hatred of the British people and our Democratic voice.

We hold all the cards.

Why you may ask.


We can repeal the European Communities Act.
Tariffs are reciprocal under WTO trade rules and we have a trade surplus that is in our favour.
European Industries will not want high costs to trade with us.
Getting rid of the ECA would nullify all treaties signed since.
We have 27 other countries world wide that want to free trade with us.
Europe will have to come on board or be made to look petty.

The single market is not free trade. We pay to be in it and in the customs union via membership fees.

Plus Junker is on the back foot as the people of Europe are speaking out against the EU so just wants to try and punish us.

He has egg on his face no matter what happens.

So my opinion is that we should tell them to go ahead with their vendetta because it will harm the EU more than us.

Just repealing one ACT would make us quids in.

Remember this is just my opinion so please discuss your views on relevant social media platforms.