Monday, 5 December 2016

Supreme Court appeal against High Court Brexit judgment starts today

The Supreme Court is hearing the British government's appeal against a High Court judgement obtained by anti-democracy campaigner, Gina Miller, that parliament should have to vote to start proceedings to leave the EU.

David Cameron said that he was going to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty immediately if we voted to Leave but perhaps seeing an opportunity to drag things out he resigned instead leaving the whole process open to vexatious legal challenges. Theresa May - another Remain campaigner - has continued the prevarication, eventually allowing the process to be challenged in the courts.

The hearing will take place over the next four days with judgement expected in the new year. But that is unlikely to be the end of it because the Supreme Court is not, in fact, supreme. Ironically, the ultimate authority on if, how and when we leave the EU is the EU courts. If that doesn't underline the extent to which successive British governments have given away our sovereignty then what does?

You can watch the proceedings live on the BBC website.