Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Labour leader of Bolton City Council has angrily defended his decision to use emergency powers to give £300k of public money to a firm of solicitors when confronted by a journalist.

Cllr Clifford Morris used emergency powers to bypass a council vote and make the £300k donation to Asons solicitors to pay for refurbishments to their offices. The firm owns the building which features a pool table, football table and smart TV in every room and their owner, Dr Imran Akram, has boasted on Twitter of buying his 6th Lamborghini in 4 years.

When confronted by a reported for Granada News, Cllr Morris claimed that he had done nothing wrong and would not be standing down. The leader of the UKIP group, Cllr Sean Hornby, has been joined by the Lib Dems and trade unions in calling for Cllr Morris to resign.