Tuesday 10 January 2017

Beppe Grillo's 5 Star Movement rejoins EFDD group

The Italian 5 Star Movement's MEPs have rejoined the EFDD group they co-founded with UKIP just 48 hours after leaving to attempt to join the federalist ALDE group led by Guy Verhofstadt.

The ALDE group rejected Beppe Grillo's application to join their pro-EU, anti-democracy alliance which would have meant the 5 Star Movement's MEPs sitting with the non-inscrits ("independent" MEPs) with little in the way of funding to do their jobs.

Reports suggest that some changes have been made to how the group is run to get Grillo and his colleagues back on board but they don't say what. Details will no doubt come out in the media soon enough once the UKIP-hating left wing press have got over their disappointment that the EFDD group hasn't folded and lost Nigel Farage his front seat and speaking rights.