Monday 30 January 2017

Fake news: Attempts to link Paul Nuttall with EDL after supporter posts selfie with him on Facebook

The left wing media are beside themselves with excitement after finding a picture of an EDL supporter standing next to Paul Nuttall on Facebook.

Nuttall is mobbed by supporters wherever he goes looking for selfies and a party spokesman has explained that hundreds of people queued to have their picture taken with him in Stoke and nobody had a clue who the EDL supporter was.

That hasn't stopped left wing rags including the Liverpool Echo, Guardian and Mirror from trying to associate him with the group that UKIP proscribed many years ago.

Nor did it stop the Labour MP for Wirral South, Alison McGovern, from trying to make political capital out of it which is a pretty stupid thing to do when her own leader has been pictured with despots and terrorists many times over the years. There is a world of difference between posing for a selfie with a racist who you don't know is a racist and posing for pictures with convicted IRA terrorists whilst describing them as freedom fighters and campaigning to get them released from prison so they can go out murdering again.