Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tory councillor that was found guilty of domestic violence back in local Tory Group

Cllr Connor Furnival has been accepted back into the Conservative group on Telford & Wrekin Council.
He was kicked out of the group after pleading guilty to domestic violence against his girlfriend and mother of his two children last January.
At the time Lucy Allan MP who was only the Tory PPC then dismissed it as just a bit of shoving. She was a trustee for Women's Aid, a domestic violence charity.
Lucy Allan has had lots of negative press of course for allegedly abusing her staff and social media rants.

Sounds like a lovely woman to be around.

Only last week she wrote of him: “He’s a great guy, loads of potential, bright, hardworking – will go places, for sure.”
In a further message urging his selection as a council candidate, she wrote: "Hollinswood and Randlay needs a strong team of hardworking community representatives."

Should she be a trustee of Woman's Aid if she overlooks domestic violence against women?
It begs the question of her role as a trustee at least.

Labour won a by-election recently which took the council from being hung to a slim Labour majority. A cynical person might think this was an attempt to balance it out again.
I have been told by a local source that some local Conservative Party activists are very unhappy at what's happened and are threatening to resign.

Lets hope they do, things like this should never be taken lightly.

"Meantime ambitious Furnival, who was expecting to hear within days if he had been selected as a local Tory council candidate, has played a central role in Telford ­parliamentary candidate Lucy Allan’s bid to beat Labour in the marginal Shropshire constituency"

So as it stands the council is could be hung again and the local Tory party have overlooked the guilty charge for abuse. Councillor Furnival got 80 hours community service for the attack.

This seems to be the face of the local Tory party in the Telford and Wrekin area.

Full article in  link below.

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