Thursday, 19 January 2017

Welsh Language Society snowflakes try to no-platform UKIP and get no-platformed themselves

The Welsh Language Society's attempt to no-platform UKIP in the Welsh Assembly have backfired after they were no-platformed themselves in return.

The Welsh nationalist snowflakes were invited to give evidence to the Welsh Assembly's culture committee but responded saying that they would only attend if they could refuse to answer questions from UKIP's Neil Hamilton AM because "UKIP has promoted and tolerated prejudiced attitudes against a number of groups in our society - gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people, ethnic minorities, migrants, people with HIV - and the Welsh language".

The chairman of the committee, Plaid Cymru's Bethan Jenkins AM, told them that they didn't get to choose who asked the questions and withdrew their invitation. Neil Hamilton said that he supported their aim of making Wales bilingual but that they should just grow up.