Thursday, 9 February 2017

English Democrats regional chairman Steve Uncles will be tried in his absence for electoral fraud

The Chairman of the English Democrats Party in the south east of England will be tried for electoral fraud in his absence this week after failing to attend court to defend himself.

Steve Uncles is well known in political circles for his personal attacks on opponents and generally offensive and obnoxious personality. Many a pint will be consumed in celebration if this stain on humanity is finally convicted.

Uncles has been charged with 10 counts of electoral fraud relating to the 2013 local elections. He allegedly submitted false nomination papers for 7 non-existent people. Despite one of the fake candidates - Anna Cleaves - having the house that was demolished to build his own as her address on her nomination papers he claimed at the time to have been the victim of a dirty tricks campaign.

The prosecution will present their case tomorrow in his absence.