Monday 13 March 2017

English Democrats' Steve Uncles jailed for 7 months for election fraud

The English Democrats' regional organiser for the south east of England has been given a 7 month prison sentence and banned from standing in any election for 5 years.

Steve Uncles was convicted of 7 counts of electoral fraud including forging signatures, submitting nominations for people without their knowledge and even making people up. It is likely that his fraud would have gone unnoticed had he not been stupid enough to make up ridiculous names such as Anna Cleaves (a reference to the fourth wife of Henry VIII who was from that area), Rachelle Stevens (an homage to the former S Club 7 singer who he has a well known infatuation with) and Steves Uncle (yes ... he really did that).

Uncles should have stood trial last year but had it delayed so he could - with no sense of irony - stand for the office of Kent Police & Crime Commissioner. He came last.

Commenting on Uncles' sentence, the Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook (who didn't represent Uncles despite being a solicitor) said that his crimes were "pretty silly" and that he didn't think he should go to prison. He did confirm that Uncles had at last resigned from the English Democrats.

There will be many victims of Steve Uncles' hate campaigns who will be celebrating this news. There are thankfully few people in this world who are truly irredeemably bad people but Steve Uncles is one of them.

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