Friday, 7 April 2017

Lorry driven into pedestrians in Stockholm in latest terrorist attack to hit Europe

A hijacked lorry has been driven into pedestrians in Stockholm in the latest terrorist attack to hit Europe.

Sweden has been inundated with illegal immigrants from Africa, the Middle east and Asia. Swedish police have been gagged and the media self-censor to avoid suffering the same fate but in the internet age it's impossible to prevent stories about no-go areas in major cities controlled by immigrant gangs that even the police won't enter and the violent crime (including rape) that is becoming part of daily life in some parts of Sweden.

Today's attack is an escalation of the extremist behaviour of some of the illegal immigrants that have settled in Sweden. At least three people have been killed with many others injured. It appears that two terrorists hijacked a Swedish brewery truck and drove it into the corner of a department store before escaping on foot. There are unconfirmed reports that shots were fired and that the fire alarm in the store went off before the lorry hit it, hinting at a coordinated effort to cause the maximum number of casualties. One suspect was detained by police but they are searching for a man of Middle Eastern appearance wearing a green hoodie.