Sunday 2 July 2017

Glastonbury sack 600 EU immigrants on zero hour contracts

The company behind the Glastonbury festival has laid off 550 staff almost two weeks early thanks to zero hour contracts.

Jeremy Corbyn attracted a lot of criticism last week after turning down multiple requests to attend Armed Forces Day events to tell thousands of middle class festival goers who'd spent over £240 on tickets that he was going to end austerity for them. Corbyn appeared beside the millionaire landowner and festival organiser, Michael Eaves, to tell the masses about the evils of zero hour contracts, exploitation of workers, how the minimum wage should be set at £10 an hour (including for 16 year olds) and how EU immigrants must have their rights unilaterally guaranteed.

Embarrassingly for Corbyn, the company behind Glastonbury shunned the million+ unemployed people in the UK and employed around 700 mostly EU immigrants on zero hour contracts to clean up the mess left behind after the festival finished and then sacked 600 of them because there wasn't enough work for them to do. Many of them don't have enough money to get home or pay for accommodation until their return flights.

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