Sunday 29 March 2009

Vote For Dave Pascoe In Rossmere Ward

A by-election is to be held on May 7th for the Council Seat left vacant following the sad death of Rossmere Councillor Michael Johnson in February. Mick and Dave were opposed politically but they conducted their opposition without personal animosity. They often ‘crossed swords’ during campaigns and debate was always ‘lively’. RIP Mick.

Vote For Dave Pascoe In Rossmere Ward!

Dave lives in Rossmere Ward and has fought this seat four times in the past, each time coming closer to winning with an increased vote every time. In 2008 Dave broke through into second place when the Liberal Democrat vote collapsed.

Only UKIP is a credible alternative to Labour in Rossmere Ward. Tories or Lib-Dems can’t win in Rossmere and Labour will be lining up one of their Party Faithful who will expect to take the seat by right. I hope the residents of Rossmere don’t allow themselves to be taken for granted!

UKIP wanted the election to be held on June 4th since this would have reduced the costs of holding the election as it would have been on the same day as the European Parliament Elections. However, the current politicians don’t care about how much of your money they waste and they have decided that saving money isn’t important.

Dave will be sending detailed proposals during the campaign but if you would like to know more, display a UKIP poster, or help with the campaign then Dave is always available.I know he would invite you in for a cup of tea but that’s illegal during a campaign! Politicians can promise you the earth but they can’t give you a cup of tea!

If you can help in the By-election please telephone Dave Pascoe on 223754 or
e-mail him at

2008 Election Results: Rossmere
Michael JOHNSON - The Labour Party Candidate 488 Elected
Mike LUDGATE - Conservative Party Candidate 197
David PASCOE - UK Independence Party 373 -2nd
Pamela TURNEDGE - Liberal Democrat 258