Monday 25 May 2009

UKIP Launch Taxi Campaign

The UK Independence Party today launched a campaign to protect British taxi drivers from crazy EU proposals which will force all vehicles in the UK to drive with their headlights on 24 hours a day.

The European Union claims that forcing ‘daytime running headlights’ on member states will cut the amount of accidents on Europe’s roads - but this has been challenged by the British government and motoring groups.

Paul Nuttall, chairman of UKIP, said “the EU will force this proposal on us by 2011 and although it will affect all drivers, it will particularly hit those whose work revolves around their vehicle.

Motoring groups claim that this move will increase fuel consumption by 3%.

“At a time when fuel is already overpriced, the actions of the EU will particularly hit taxi drivers and their customers and that is why we are launching our campaign.

“It may make some sense for places like Sweden or Finland where they have very few daylight hours during the winter months, but it is nonsensical for the UK," said Mr. Nuttall, who also UKIP’s number one candidate in the North West for the European Election on 4 June.