Monday 25 May 2009

UKIPS Michael McManus tours North West Universities

Euro MP candidate Michael McManus has completed five debates in six days at universities and sixth form colleges across the North West of England.

27-year-old McManus is second on the list in the North West region for UKIP, and the youngest UKIP candidate in the region. Mr McManus represented UKIP in a succession of hustings meetings against candidates from other parties. He was the only candidate of any party to attend all the meetings.

Debates were held at Manchester University, Liverpool University, University of Central Lancashire, Blackburn College and Cheadle Hulme School. “Many of the students at the meetings will be voting for the first time on June 4th” said Mr McManus. “It is clear that having a young candidate represent UKIP, we were able to speak to them in a way the other parties couldn’t”.

Mr McManus said he was especially pleased by the debate at the University of Central Lancashire, where he graduated with a Masters degree in Social Psychology in 2006. “I was still studying there when I represented UKIP in the 2005 General Election. I am sure plenty of students will be considering UKIP for their vote on June 4th”.