Saturday 25 July 2009

Even Tories are unhappy at the BBC's anti-UKIP bias!

Bloggers4UKIP's call to flood the BBC with complaints about their appalling treatment of UKIP in the run-up to the Norwich North by-election has been quite successful.

Nigel Farage has congratulated Glenn Tingle on securing he best Westminster by-election result so far for UKIP despite the BBC's anti-UKIP agenda.

Complaints about the BBC's election coverage is a hot topic on the official UKIP members' forum.

Daniel Hannan, the last outspoken eurosceptic in the Tories, has written an article for the Daily Telegraph website on the BBC's anti-UKIP election coverage and unjustified promotion of the Greens. He has echoed the explanation I gave to the sceptics on the Digital Spy forum for the complaints:
As to the BBC's motivation for excluding UKIP ... there was no way they could put a positive spin on excluding the Tories but the other three parties are left wingers and the BBC is full of left wing extremists from the top to the bottom. The BBC also receives a considerable amount of money from the European Empire for "informational programmes" (ie. propaganda). UKIP is a centre-right party opposed to the EU - two traits that the BBC detest. The BBC is also fully signed up to the British government's (and EU's) climate change scam and promoting the Green Party is part of their campaign to make the climate change scam seem credible and relevant.
Dan Hannan, referring to Bloggers4UKIP, says:
UKIP activists politely drew these facts to the BBC’s attention in the hope of fairer coverage. They misunderstood the Corporation’s mindset. In Beebworld, Greens are essentially nice, and deserve a fair crack of the whip. But UKIP are anti-immigration, anti-Brussels and, worst of all, sceptical about climate change. They are not Our Sort Of People, and should be covered accordingly, if at all.
There was no misunderstanding of the BBC's motivation, believe me!

If you haven't yet made a complaint about the BBC's anti-UKIP bias, please do so. If you've made a complaint to the BBC and are not satisfied with the pre-prepared response that has been sent to everyone who has complained, including those complaining about independents being left out, then please complain to OFCOM. A sample complaint to OFCOM will be posted shortly.


Jerry Wraith said...

The BBC is BRITAINS (2nd) BIGGEST CON. The BBC has been promoting the EU for over thirty years and censoring bad news about the EU. It has therefore been been operating illegally for over thirty years and is therefore guilty of fraudulently misusing money paid by licence fee payers. We need a massive complaint to the police to take action against the BBC for alleged fraud. OFCOM, ASA, the BBC Trust and their predecessors have had 30 years in which to sort it out but have done NOTHING about it. I have written to the Met Police as has Ashley Mote pointing out the BBC's alleged fraudulent misuse of our money but they refuse to take any action. If you want to see my letter to the Met Police and send a similar copy please contact me through this blog.

Steve Halden said...

The BBC must be bombared with letters, plus OffCom, plus the BBC Trust.

We must not let them get away with using taxpayers money to promote the European Union.