Friday 24 July 2009

Norwich North result

The results are in for Norwich North and the result is a little disappointing.

Despite putting in a huge amount of effort, UKIP's candidate Glenn Tingle came fourth.

The results are as follows:

Conservative & (European) Unionist Party: 13,591
Liebour: 6,243
Lib Dims: 4,803
UKIP: 4,068
Green: 3,350
Craig Murray (Ind): 953
BNP: 941
Independent: 166
Monster Raving Loony Party: 144
None of the Above Party (no, not the Lib Dims!): 59
Libertarian Party: 36
Independent: 23

UKIP’s Deputy Leader said: “This is a very good result for us. We started from a low base and worked extremely hard. We were helped by having a dedicated and genuinely local candidate who really threw himself into the campaign. I congratulate Glenn on what he has achieved.

“I am particularly pleased that we beat the Greens by over 700 votes, because their candidate was given much greater broadcast media coverage than we were. This excellent result follows on from last night’s success in Cambridgeshire and really does show that UKIP is now well and truly on the political map in domestic elections. Voters now know that there is another serious contender in British politics.”

Mr Tingle said: “Obviously, I would like to have won but I am pleased with what we achieved because we can build on this result in the future. I believe the voters in this area will remember UKIP when the General and local elections come around. I would like to thank the Norwich North voters for their support and my campaign team, who worked so hard.”

Bloggers4UKIP Comment: Glenn Tingle ran a great campaign with the help of UKIP activists from all over the country and the result really doesn't reflect the amount of effort put in. The BBC's indefensible exclusion of Glenn Tingle from their election programming undoubtedly had a big effect on the result and Bloggers4UKIP will be making a complaint to OFCOM about the BBC exerting undue influence over the election result with their deliberate exclusion of Glenn Tingle.

Well done to all those involved in the campaign, you did UKIP proud.


Ted said...

Lets not forget this was UKIPs best ever Parliamentary By-election result. So well done Glenn !

UKIP had the biggest increase of vote share than any other party from the general election with 9.4%

The Lib Dems put out 14 leaflets they must have been devastated not to beat Labour.

To sum up, to be only some 700 votes behind the Liberal-Democrats, must be encouraging.

To have beat the Greens who have 20 Cllrs in Norwich is also a big achievement.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a great result, bearing in mind that Norwich isn't exactly right-wing territory.

Think of this as a warm-up for the GE.

The LibDems are probably waking up (late in the game) to the fact that people are cheesed off about their stance on the Lisbon Treaty.

Anonymous said...

You came VERY close to the Lib Dems. Well done!! But voters are sheep.
Next council election may give you council seats in the area.

Wish voters would stop rewarding the LibLabCon at elections though.

Once again, well done!! Excellent showing.