Friday 25 September 2009

European Empire caught breaking law again

The EU Commission is getting itself into a pissing contest with the EU Court of First Instance over carbon trading.

The Commission has tried to stop Estonia and Poland from setting its own emmissions quotas for the imperial carbon trading scam set up by the European Empire as a way of raising taxes in the name of saving the planet from global warming.

The Commission decided Estonia and Poland had set their quotas too high so it tried to unilaterally reduce them even though the Directive creating the carbon trading scam says that only member states have the power to allocate quotas and to fix the amount of those quotas.

The EU Court of First Instance uncharacteristically slapped their puppet masters down, telling them they have no legal power to do what they did.

The EU Commission says that it now needs to "revise the allocation procedure" which is imperial babble for "the law is stopping us from doing what we want so we're going to change it".


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Any one know what this actually means in plain English. Does it mean that the two countries are trying to 'trade' more emissions than they have.

wonkotsane said...

Member states set a limit on the amount of carbon a company can produce and give it a permit to produce that much carbon. If the company produces more carbon than it has a permit for it can buy some of the allowance of another factory. It's basically a type of futures trading, something the European Empire is determined to regulate out of existence where it doesn't generate tax revenue for them. The Empire thinks that Poland and Estonia are too generous in the amount of carbon they're allowing companies to produce.