Friday 25 September 2009

Glenn Tingle standing for Broadland District Council

Glenn Tingle, the UKIP candidate for the Norwich North by-election, is standing for election to Broadland District Council on October 1st in a by-election in Wroxham.

His opponents are the LibLabCon and a Green candidate.

The big topic of discussion in Wroxham is the building of an eco-town in Rackheath which will site thousands of new houses on green belt land.

The Liebour candidate is in favour of the eco town, the Lib Dim candidate is a 19 year old student at York University 186 miles and 4 and a quarter hours drive away and the Green candidate ... is a Green candidate.

So that leaves the former independent turned Tory District Councillor, Ian Evans, as the only real opposition to UKIP's Glenn Tingle.


Steve Halden said...

Good luck Glenn Tingle with your campaign to become a councillor.

But I also hope you try again at the parliamentary seat.

But you will will need a better slogan than before.

"Make a Clean Start" would be a fine slogan for a soap powder, but does not cut the mustard as a political slogan.

Something more patriotic is needed to motivate the voters.

Who Governs Britain?

Beware the Enemy Within.

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