Sunday 27 September 2009

La la la la la, we're not listening

Are you a conservative? Are you a libertarian? Do you believe in small government? Are you a eurosceptic? Do you intend to vote Conservative at the next general election?

If you answered yes to all of the above then I have one more question - why?

The Conservative Party isn't a party for conservatives any more, it's a New Labour clone - Blue Labour. The Conservative Party isn't a party with libertarian ideals any more, it's a party of authoritarians. The Conservative Party isn't a party of small government any more, it want's more and more control over our lives. And the Conservative Party certainly isn't a eurosceptic party any more, David Camoron is a eurofederalist committed to keeping the UK i the European Empire and to ever closer union.

UKIP is what the Conservative Party would be if it was run by conservatives - a right of centre, eurosceptic party committed to small government, low tax, libertarian ideals and national sovereignty.

If you believe in those ideals then a vote for the Conservatives is a wasted vote - a Tory government won't give you any of that. If you're thinking of voting Tory just to get rid of Liebour then that's a wasted vote - you're exchanging one party that doesn't represent you for another party that doesn't represent you.

By rights, David Camoron's dithering and pathetic "we won't let matters rest" policy on the Lisbon Treaty should be tearing the Conservatives apart from the inside. Most members of the Conservative Party are vehemently opposed to handing over the tattered remains of our national sovereignty to the European Empire but they are more interested in getting their party into power in the vain hope that once they're in power they will be able to change Camoron's direction. They're kidding themselves.

Camoron will see a victory at the ballot box as an endorsement of his agenda and the willingness of Tory members to support him throughout the election campaign as an acceptance of the new direction he is taking the party in.

Tories are overjoyed at today's news that Angela Merkel's party has won enough of the vote in the German general election to dump its alliance with the socialists. Forget about the fact that she's a fascist eurofederalist former communist - her party is right wing so it's something to be celebrated. Ignore the fact that she's been instrumental in promoting the EU not-a-constitution and leads the drive for a European Federation regardless of what the people of Europe want - she leads a nominally conservative party so it's a good thing.

Conservative Party members and voters need to look at the bigger picture. A Tory government is going to bring us more of the same - more tax, bigger government, less freedom and a Federal Europe. Instead of voting for the Tories despite the fundamental divergence from what the membership believes in, vote for UKIP because it represents every right thinking man and woman in this country.

Don't be afraid that voting UKIP will weaken the Tory vote and lead to an apocolyptic fourth term for Liebour - get out there and convince the rest of the disaffected Tory membership to vote UKIP as well. There is only one way to stop the forces of eurofederalism and that's to vote UKIP. Put your cross next to any other party and you're not only wasting your vote, you're condemning your country to a certain future as a collection of regions in a European Federation.

Is that what you want? Because it's certainly not what I want. Now pull your socks up, take your fingers out of your ears and give Camoron, Clarke and all the other eurofederalists two fingers.


Anonymous said...

Well put, Wonko.

The Labou vote will be low. The last thing we want is another landslide victory.

The ideal would be for libertarian- and independence-inclined conservatives to vote UKIP and dilute an obscene Tory majority.

With sufficient numbers of UKIP MPs, the Tories' federalist tendencies will be somewhat neutered.

Should conservatives be worried about letting Labour in through the back door by voting UKIP - no need to worry, because Labour is finished.

I have a suggestion for UKIP activists who encounter diehard leftwingers on the doorstep:

* suggest to them that if they can't stomach the thought of voting for what they perceive as a 'right-wing' UKIP, that they instead transfer their votes to LPUK, the Jury Team, EngDems or independents - anyone but Labour or the LibDems!

Steve Halden said...

The Conservative Party is not a euro-sceptic party.

Scratch the surface and you find the Conservative Party is a very pro-Europe party, especially in the leadership, and amoung the MPs in the House of Commons.

Only the grass-roots activists are euro-sceptic.

Libertarian said...

Interestingly with the worst government in history in power and an opposition ( Tories) who have tried to position themselves on the middle ground. The Conservative party ONLY have a lead of 13% in the polls and it doesn't change no matter how much the fascist Labour party pass laws to ruin our lives further. If i was a tory I'd be worried.

If only UKIP could get it's act together on the communication front then things might develop