Saturday 26 September 2009

UKIP, election,

UKIP is gaining more seats, as voters become more fed up with the Lib/Lab/Con stance on the Lisbon Treaty and the UK's place in Europe.

UKIP reports:
UKIP scored another big win in local government with an overwhelming result in the Billericay Town Council by-election last night.
UKIP's Cllr Susan McCaffery won 57% of the vote, more than the total vote of all other candidates combined.

Cllr Peter Reeve, UKIP Regional Organiser for the Eastern Counties said. “We are very proud of Susan for the fantastic result that she and her team have achieved.

"She is passionate about the local people of Billericay and her commitment has been rewarded by the trust that the local community have now placed in her. She will be an excellent voice of the people.

"This is one of a series of big wins for UKIP in local elections across the Eastern Counties. Susan will join the fast-growing team of UKIP councillors who are fighting to restore local democracy and force polticians to start listening to the local community again.

"It is also another nail in the coffin for the Labour Government and the National Socialist BNP."

The result for the Billericay Town Council South West ward by-election was:

480 (UKIP) Cllr Susan McCaffery

266 (Labour)

95 (BNP)



wonkotsane said...

That's a fantastic result and one of many excellent votes we've had recently.

Steve Halden said...

This is is an excellent result.

But the Conservatives are the ones to beat these days, and for some reason they chose not to fight in this particular election.

Dispite this lets still be very pleased with this excellent result.

Anonymous said...

If Cameron allows Mandelson a place in his government, UKIP can surely expect to gain from it.

Will he, or won't he?