Friday 2 October 2009

Wroxham by-election results

Glenn Tingle came a respectable third in the Wroxham by-election yesterday the Conswervatives and - bizarrely - the None of the Above Party Lib Dims who won with a comfortable majority.

It's disappointing not to have won - especially with an excellent candidate like Glenn Tingle - but it does confirm UKIP's place as the only real opposition to the LibLabCon. The results also confirm, once again, that despite the BBC's attempts to promote them above their station, the Greens are an electoral irrelevance and the BBC's decision to give fourth party status to the Greens in the Norwich North by-election was unjustified.

The full results are:

Lib Dim96162%

To clarify the "bizarre" comment above with the election of the Lib Dim candidate: he is a 19 year old full time student at the University of York, 186 miles and 4 and a quarter hours drive away. And he's been elected to a local council. Like I said, bizarre.


Steve Halden said...

There was a very big swing to the LibDems in this election.

This was a surprise because the LibDems are low in the polls at the moment.

I think they jumped on the bandwagon of a big local issue, and made the most of it.