Saturday 16 January 2010

Swindon UKIP in Town Centre Push

Members of Swindon UKIP spent four hours in Swindon Centre handing out leaflets and collecting signatures from members of the public for the EU in/out petition

Branch Chairman Greg Heathcliffe, said, " Despite the cold and damp conditions we collected over 100 signatures and handed out a lot of leaflets. This was a good first time effort which will be repeated in the coming months. I would like to thank those members who gave up their time for this event."


Blogger said...

I'd be really happy to spend time locally (brighton) doing this kind of thing... who do I need to talk to?

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

You need to liaise of course with your local branch committee. Speak with the LA, and find out where you can do it. Some LA's want Public Liability Insurance which is between £50/£100, and will last a year or the Region may all ready have it.

SBC didn't charge us for a stand, some may. Get your activists together, lots of leaflets, (we didn't this time, but ballons or badges for kids, gets parents to stop).

Have someone there who is confident to speak to the public about UKIP and our domestic policies. Try to get a local issue highlighted.

Steve Halden said...

As the prospective parliamentary candidate for North Swindon, I would also like to thank all those UKIP party members in Swindon who turned out to support me.

We had three on the stall from 10 to 12, and three more from 12 to 2pm.

We were told by the South West Regional Organiser, that our region already had public liability insurance cover for this sort of event.

Steve Halden said...

Stalls in a town centre are an excellent addition to a leafleting compaign.

But I dont think, they should be thought of as being instead of putting leaflets through doors.

In my opinion leafleting is still the most important thing to do to gain votes.

But of course a candidate needs every bit of publicity he can get.

So for that reason I am very greatful to the party members of Swindon UKIP, who turned out to support me.

Thank you very much!

And well done Swindon UKIP!

Steve Halden said...

Letters to the Press

Swindon UKIP also do well regards getting letters published in the local paper, Swindon Advertiser.

During a a ten day period up to 8th
January 2010, I had three letters published in ten days.

The susbjects were:-
1/ Potholes in the road.
2/ 10,000 on council house waiting list.
3/ Britain being soft on crime.

None of these letters were actually about the European Union.

But two of the letters did say Steve Halden, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidiate North Swindon.

So Swindon UKIP got good publicity here, even though the letters were not acutally about Europe.

So there is a good lesson for UKIP parliamentary candidates, and that is dont talk about the EU all the time.

Your local paper is much more likely to publish your lettters if you write on a variety of subjects.

We have to get away from the idea that people have, that UKIP is a one issue party.

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Not the version I heard. Something about "What a bloody silly idea"

Steve Halden said...

As the prospective parliamentary candidate for Swindon North, I am having a purple patch in getting letters published in the Swindon Advertiser.

I have had 5 letters published during the last three weeks.

3 of those letters ended with Steve Halden, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Canididate Swindon North.

This is all happening at a very good time for Swindon UKIP, with our General Election Campaign now running in top gear.