Tuesday 2 March 2010

Naughty Nigel

Nigel Farage has been to "the headmasters office" as he calls it to receive his punishment for telling Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy he has all the charisma of a damp rag.

His punishment for addressing the damp rag without due deference was €2,890 - the maximum fine that the unelected President of the European Empire can hand out to an MEP.

Suitably chastised, Nigel immediately called a press conference and is on his way to do an interview with BBC Radio Kent.

I wonder if we can get Naughty Nigel to call him Mr van Rumpy-Pumpy next time ...


ukipwebmaster said...

Sorry bank clerks:


Anonymous said...

You beat me to it. Posted this on this site just before seeing this!

You're on the ball, UKWM!

Steve Halden said...

This is not a parliament.

It is a sham, puppet, caricature of a parliament.

The very existance to this EU Parliament is an insult to all people that believe in genuine democracy.

Blogger said...

So in the UK Parliament at Westminster our representatives are expected to be of a stature to be trusted to say whatever they want with no interference from anyone.

Whereas in the EU parliament they need a mechanism to ensure that MEPs only ever present the party line (party being the lib/lab/con/et_at vs UKIP).