Saturday 13 November 2010

EU Parliament demands tax raising powers in exchange for 2.9% budget increase

The EU Parliament has demanded the ability to tax people directly in return for agreeing to a 2.9% budget increase.

Two weeks ago he caved in on the budget increase before he even left the country to demand the EU freeze its budget.  This is after backing down from his demand that they reduce the budget which they want to increase by 6%.

Camoron, naturally, says he opposes the EU being able to tax us directly and has held an emergency meeting with Sarkozy, Merkel and Berlusconi and that they were all "extremely staunch".

So, only one question remains: will this new tax that he's going to agree to come straight out of our wages or will we get a bill that we can refuse to pay?  I'm hoping it's the latter but I expect Hector the EU Tax Collector will be pillaging our wages to make sure we all pay tribute to our imperial masters on the continent.