Wednesday 10 November 2010

EU Referendum Campaign's Casts Another Blow to Cameron's EU Budget Celebrations

The EU Referendum Campaign, has commissioned a poll conducted by ComRes to find out the British publics' views on the monetary contribution made by the United Kingdom to the European Union. The results, cast a devastating blow to David Cameron who is still attempting to play the narrative of a historic win over the EU budget.

In a poll where 1000 members of the public where asked questions found that:
  • 59% of people asked believed that it was not right that Britain should be making a contribution of £48million per day to the EU. (33% who were imbeciles believed it was right that Britain makes this contribution, keep an eye on this figure..)
  • 74% of people asked believed that the money would be better spent relieving the impact of the Government's spending cuts
  • Only 23% of people believed that Britain gets value for money in its membership of the European Union (notice how 33% drops to 23%)
  • 68% of people believed that Britain should ask for an immediate reduction in its contribution of the EU budget
This poll shows that the overwhelming majority of the British public do not believe David Cameron when he describes his EU budget negotiation deal as a success.

In light of these poll results James Pryor, the Chief Executive of the EU Referendum Campaign, said:
This poll confirms the ever-increasing disconnect between the political elite and the real people of Britain
with Jon Gaunt, Chief Spokesperson for the campaign adding:
It's not crystal clear that the majority of British people want the £48 million we send every day to Brussels to be spent here in Britain on vital services. How will Britain feel when an EXTRA £450 million is sent to Brussels next year? Surely David Cameron cannot ignore the will of the British people... it's time he gave us OUR say on the EU.
It is becoming increasing clear that the people of Britain need to stand together and demand a referendum on the EU. To show your support visit the official EU Referendum Campaign website by clicking here.