Tuesday 9 November 2010

The EU is robbing Peter to pay Paul to rob Peter

George Moonbat is having a bit of a whinge about Vodafone allegedly avoiding £6bn in tax and HMRC letting them off lightly with only a £1.25bn tax bill.

Hector the EU Tax Collector
Without giving any details of what HMRC might be expected to do when Vodafone have legally avoided paying £6bn of tax, he criticises HMRC for not doing more to get more money out of them.  And of course, being the good little eurofederalist that he is, he resolutely avoids discussing where the laws that allowed Vodafone to relocate from the UK to Luxembourg and avoid paying tax to the UK Treasury came from in the first place.

That rare creature - a tolerable left winger - Sunny Hundal has some background on the case and points out that it is an EU law that allows companies like Vodafone to relocate subsidiaries to other EU member states without having to worry about silly things like paying tax.  He doesn't quite go as far as to point out that the EU happily relieves us of billions of pounds of our hard taxes, extracted from us on pain of imprisonment, every year to pay French farmers not to farm and Spanish fisherman to rape our waters, loses £1 in every £4 to inefficiency and fraud and then imposes laws on us that allow incredibly wealthy companies to avoid paying tax by relocating part of their operations to another one of the EU countries that our taxes subsidise.  But it's a step in the right direction - well done Comrade Hundal!

The EU is robbing Peter to pay Paul to rob Peter and still the LibLabCon parties tell us we're better off in the EU than out.