Thursday 23 May 2013

EU backs down on olive oil ban

A plot they did foil
to ban olive oil
by Dacian the EU man
The EU has dropped its ridiculous plans to ban restaurants from putting olive oil in reusable bottles after attracting criticism not just from the UK but from many other EU countries.

Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, has called it a victory for common sense but his government allowed the ban to be driven through the EU's regulatory process by commercial olive oil producers without a murmur and then allowed a regulation to be drafted without opposition.  If it hadn't been for public opposition, his department would have allowed the ban to be passed into law without a murmur!

The EU Commissioner, Dacian Ciolos, admitted that there was no evidence that the widespread fraud in restaurants cited as the reason for trying to ban olive oil in reusable bottles and that the committee considering it was just acting on hearsay.