Saturday 6 July 2013

UKIP candidate forced to withdraw after union threatens his wife

A UKIP candidate in Swansea was forced to withdraw his nomination for a by-election held on Thursday after his wife was threatened by a union rep in her office.

The unnamed (for obvious reasons) candidate's agent posted the following comment on the English Elections website:
The reason that there is no UKIP candidate in the Llansamlet election is because the intended candidate pulled out the day before nominations closed after claiming that after his wife mentioned in work (a university library I'm told) that her husband was thinking of standing for UKIP.

She claims that she was visited by the workplace Unison rep who advised her that it would be the end of her career enhancement prospects if he stood.
The unions are getting more and more out of control as the disastrous ConDem coalition clings on for dear life and their attempts to return their Labour Party puppet back to power are frustrated.  The Labour Party have reported their biggest donor, the trade union Unite, to the police for (allegedly) fraudulently signing up their members to the Labour Party's Falkirk branch so they can get their chosen candidate selected for an upcoming by-election.

All over the country the unions are trying to agitate their members into taking industrial action for more money and less work.  They have become further detached from reality than they have been for a long time and if we're not carefully we'll see a return to the bad old days before Maggie broke the unions where the country ground to a halt every few weeks, electricity was rationed, the streets were full of uncollected rubbish and workers crossing picket lines being physically attacked and on at least one occasion, killed.

The unions think they should run the country as the self-appointed representatives of the working man.  They don't believe in democracy, their only interest in voting is to validate what they have already decided should happen.  Ed Miliband won't rein in the unions because they installed him as leader of the Labour Party - he lost the popular vote of the Labour Party membership to his brother but won the contest with the massive and anti-democratic union block vote.

He who pays the piper calls the tune and Ed Miliband will dance to Len McCluskey's song of choice for as long as he keeps laundering millions of pounds of taxpayers' money through his union to the Labour Party.