Friday 23 May 2014

A night of success for UKIP

UKIP has seen some amazing results overnight in the local elections, depriving the Tories of control of a couple of councils in Essex and making big gains in several councils.

The result everyone will be talking about this morning is Rotherham where UKIP gained won 10 seats, becoming the opposition party. Had the whole council been up for election rather than being elected by thirds, UKIP would probably be in control of the council this morning.

Essex is the big success story of the night with UKIP taking a plethora of seats in Southend, Thurrock, Basildon and Castle Point and depriving the Conservatives of control of two councils and their leaders.

UKIP also won seats in Dudley, Sandwell and Cannock Chase. Husband and wife duo Bill Etheridge who is third on the MEP list for the West Midlands and Star Etheridge who is UKIP's disability spokeswoman both won council seats yesterday.

You can keep up to date with results as we get them on the Bloggers4UKIP Facebook page.