Sunday 25 May 2014

EU election results (updated 1:05)

It's been a great night for UKIP so far with just three regions declared and six UKIP MEPs elected, representing a 100% increase across those three regions.
  • UKIP has secured its first MEP in the North East of England euroregion - Jonathan Arnott.
  • In the East of England euroregion, Roger Helmer was re-elected and Margot Parker joins him as a second MEP.
  • In the South West of England, UKIP has two MEPs - William Dartmouth and Julia Reed.
  • In Yorkshire & the Humber, UKIP has gone from 1 MEP to 3 - Amjid Bashir, Jane Collins and Mike Hookem.
  • UKIP has also kept its MEP in Wales with Nathan Gill elected to replace John Bufton.
  • In the North West of England, UKIP has gone from 1 to 3 MEPs - Paul Nuttall is re-elected and joined by Louise Bours and Steve Woolfe
  • Sky are reporting that from the figures so far, UKIP has gained a seat in Scotland
  • UKIP has gone from 2 to 3 MEPs in the West Midlands - Jill Seymour, Jim Carver and Bill Etheridge
  • In the South East of England, UKIP has 4 MEPs elected - Nigel Farage, Janice Atkinson, Diane James and Ray Finch
  • London is late declaring due to a recount but we don't expect any surprises