Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Establishment Went All Out To Crush UKIP. In Doing So, It Has Surely Destroyed Itself.

Those of us who were always vehemently against the lunacy of a Tory-UKIP pact, or for that matter any other form of pact, can rest easy, for the next ten years at least. The way the entire establishment, and the Tory party in particular, has sought to smear UKIP once again as racists, xenophobes, homophobes and all-around-the-houses-aphobes during the past few weeks has put a nuclear blast-proof shield wall in the way of such a prospect. The vast majority of UKIP members would rather eat their own intestines than enter a pact with the Tories, and probably anyone else for that matter.

When I started writing this blog entry I was tempted to write an entry in the sarcastic 'Agent Cameron' style, so central is this arrogant, bungling fool as a recruiting sergeant to the UKIP cause. It's not as though I am short of material: this week it was revealed that Tory central office entered into a pact with the Guardian - the Guardian, for goodness sake - to feed it anti-UKIP stories as long as the paper didn't reveal the source. It is difficult to know whom of the two will be most embarrassed by this, but Cameron has surely surpassed our wildest expectations by demoralising both Tories and the Liberal Left in the same gesture.

But this is not a time for humour. It is a time for deep and genuine anger at the way not only UKIP but the entire democratic process has been traduced and rubbished by the vicious smears and distortions we had had to endure. You don't have to be even remotely sympathetic to UKIP to be truly revolted to see what our forefathers fought and died for cheapened by a shallow, rent-seeking Political Class which is clearly at the same time both arrogant and terrified.

It is, very slowly, dawning on some  commentators and pundits that something rather big is happening, but they live in denial over how big this could truly get: writing in the Telegraph, Tim Stanley at least acknowledged how utterly loathed the Metropolitan elite is outside of it's London bubble-world, and that UKIP was at the centre of the backlash against it's insufferably smug, arrogant assumptions. However, he then went on to ruin his piece by smirking at UKIP's hankering for another Britain before complacently adding that of course people would fall back into line at the next General Election.

Well, Tim is right on one score, we do hanker for another Britain: one where democracy isn't cheapened and the people aren't treated like annoying peasants by a Political and Media Class wholly divorced from the real world. When questioned about the morality of their concerted smear campaign, they have bleated that "UKIP can expect the same levels of scrutiny as anyone else if it wants to play in the big leagues." But we have not received the same level of scrutiny, we have received a witch-hunt. UKIP's policies have not been scrutinised in any meaningful way by the media as the public has a right to expect. Instead, admittedly distasteful comments by very minor figures in the party, some of them dating back several years, have been dredged up and paraded as evidence of UKIP's institutionalised evil. Meanwhile, 17 members of the LibLabCon parties were arrested on serious charges. What did we hear of this from the mainstream media? ALMOST NOTHING.

As many have noted, none of us have seen anything quite like the past few weeks. The entire political and media classes have shown a united and very ugly face against a single political upstart party that it saw as a threat. Those who thought the expression "LibLabCon" was a hysterical overreaction to the status quo have been given pause for thought. Those who thought naively that the advent of the internet had forced the mainstream media to serve it's readers rather than the needs of rich proprietors have been proved spectacularly wrong. Those who thought we continue to live in a democracy must now accept, however grudgingly, that this is a tenuous assumption at best.

Not just UKIP supporters but the entire British public must be deeply uneasy about the sickness revealed at the heart of our national life. In exposing it's true face to the public, the establishment has surely now destroyed itself.

Vote UKIP. Get Freedom.