Sunday 27 July 2014

EU Commission rules against Spain in Gibraltar reef dispute

The EU Commission has dismissed all of Spain's complaints about the artificial reef created in Gibraltarian waters which the Spanish government used as justification for a number of illegal incursions into Gibraltarian waters by Guardia Civil gunboats.

In the last 2 and a half years there have been over 600 illegal incursions into Gibraltarian waters by Spanish ships and the EU has stood by and let it happen. When the Spanish government stepped up border controls earlier this year in retaliation for refusing to stop construction of the artificial reef the EU insisted on sending inspectors to see what was going on - pre-announced of course - despite pictures of the huge queues and Spanish and Gibraltarian personal accounts being widely publicised all over the world. They of course saw nothing wrong when they turned up on the pre-arranged date so there were no consequences for the Spanish government.

It's refreshing to see the EU Commission actually side with the people of Gibraltar for once when it comes to Spanish harassment instead of just letting them get away with infringing on their sovereignty and damaging their economy. Now it's time the British government did their bit to protect Gibraltarian sovereignty and ordered the Royal Navy to board any Spanish ship in Gibraltar's waters and confiscate it, including Guardia Civil vessels.

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