Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Leicestershire Labour councillor paid £2,750 per meeting

A Labour councillor convicted of firearms offences earlier this year has been paid over £5,500 in allowances despite attending just 2 meetings this year out of an expected 14.

Leicester City Councillor, Robert Wann, told the Leicester Mercury "I have been to way more than that. I missed mayor-making but it's more than two". The minutes of the meetings he was supposed to have attended show that he was absent from all but two of them. He has been paid over £2,750 per meeting which is pretty good going when you consider that that's at least £1,000 per hour for the average council meeting.

Cllr Neil Clayton, the leader of the Labour group on Leicester City Council, said there was no point taking the whip off Cllr Wann because he has already said he's going to step down at next year's elections.