Saturday, 6 September 2014

Disgraced Wigan councillor used his council mobile to send abusive messages and call sex lines

Wigan Councillor, Robert Bleakley, who resigned from the Lib Dems after being caught with porn on his council laptop last year and was censured this year for altering an email to try and blame council officers for it has been caught sending abusive text messages and calling premium rate sex chat lines on his council mobile.

This is three times now in less than 12 months that Cllr Bleakley has been censured by the council's standards board for serious breaches of the code of conduct and behaviour that would have resulted in dismissal from any other job for gross misconduct. If ever there was a case for the electorate to be able to sack elected representatives and call a by-election, Cllr Bleakley has surely got to be the smoking gun.