Wednesday, 3 September 2014

EU Court rules that parody isn't parody if it contains a "discriminatory message"

The EU Court of Injustice has ruled that parody isn't parody if it contains a "discriminatory message".

The Belgian anti-immigration party, Vlaams Belang, made a parody by changing the words on a popular cartoon strip to criticise the amount of money spent on immigrants. The EU Court ruled that the message was discriminatory so it wasn't parody and the party had therefore broken copyright laws.

UKIP MEP for the north west of England, Paul Nuttall, said:
Can they not see, in this judgement, great material for a parody themselves? Judges don't normally make good comedians but some of the judgements out of the ECJ actually do make people laugh. The EU court has not just produced hyper-regulation, but unbeknown to itself, some really great gems of humour too.
The original cartoon on the left and the parody on the right. It's probably illegal to look at this now.