Thursday, 4 September 2014

UKIP Rotherham councillors campaign for justice

UKIP councillors on Rotherham Borough Council are appealing for other councillors, MPs, senior police officers and the Asian community in Rotherham to join their campaign for justice for the 1,400 children who suffered abuse because of the negligence of the council's social services department.

Cllr Caven Vines, leader of the opposition, said:
We want justice for all the children that came forward and were let down by the authorities.

We also want justice for all the victims who were too afraid to report the abuse they had to endure in silence. UKIP councillors will endeavour to hold any councillors, police officers or council employees to account for these disgraceful acts, if wrong doing or dereliction of duty is identified.

UKIP Councillors invite all councillors, MPs for the Rotherham area and the relevant senior police officers, together with the Asian community, to join them in seeking justice.