Friday 13 February 2015

Diane James responds to EU Court of Human Rights ruling that prisoners must be given the vote

Diane James has criticised the EU Court of Human Rights' decision to uphold an earlier judgement that says not allowing prisoners to vote is a breach of their human rights.
This case highlights that a foreign court with inexperienced judges has final say over the British justice system. The ECHR has not pulled back one inch in demanding its right to be the final judge.

UKIP believes that it should be the British parliament which should have the final decision on which laws are implemented in the Britain.

There should be no unwarranted interference in a national issue.

This European court has a history of giving succour to murderers and terrorists. The only way to escape the intervention of this court is the leave the EU itself. David Cameron is deluding people when he says he will try to curb the power of the ECHR without leaving the EU.