Saturday 2 May 2015

Let's Get #Hodgesstreak Trending On Election Night

Dan Hodges, the pantomime fool employed by the Telegraph for us all to laugh at, just over two years ago made this notorious promise:

Dan, of course, is very well known for his astrologer's gift for peering into a crystal ball and divining UKIP's future: a whole Alpine mountain chain of 'Peak UKIP' predictions has flowed from his pen: the infamous LBC interview with James O'Brien was supposed to have finished Farage, Nick Clegg would win - and according to Hodges against the evidence of everyone else's eyes did win - his set piece debates with Nigel on Europe. UKIP would lose the European elections (note to Dan: we won), and so on and so on and so on.

However it is promise to steak if UKIP got over 6% in the General Election that sticks in the minds of 'Kippers. Hodges many be many things but he doesn't lack self-confidence: having painted himself into a corner, Dan has steadfastly stuck to his guns since then despite UKIP's stubborn refusal to go away. That said, there are signs even this arrogant jackass is getting nervous - recently he qualified his 6% marker, advancing the mathematically interesting idea that getting 6% really meant getting 7% or above. (Plainly Dan has not progressed beyond basic integers - I wonder how he copes with getting change for a quid in the shops?)

At one level it's impossible to take Hodges seriously but at another he is not funny at all: instead he is seriously nasty. Although Hodges himself has never to my knowledge directly incited violence, his unfounded but endlessly repeated assertions concerning UKIP's supposed institutional racism have certainly put UKIP candidates and canvassers at an increased threat from intimidation, hostility and much worse.

We should show this talentless MetroLib bore no mercy. Thankfully for the visual environment he is unlikely to make good on his promise, but come election night and thereafter let's lampoon him so badly even the much diminished Daily Telegraph are embarrassed into getting rid of the man.

As the results roll in and seat after seat after records more than 6% (or 7% if you are feeling very generous) for the 'Kippers and we are tweeting away, let's append the hashtag


to all our tweets. We can certainly get it trending, and perhaps even mentioned on TV: wouldn't it be just wonderful to see this great oracle and political sage squirm with embarrassment in interviews when he is asked why he was so completely wrong, and whether he is going to make good on his promise?

For all those UKIP supporters who Hodges has relentlessly smeared and who consequently have had to worry about the potential consequences when canvassing, at work or amongst friends and family, that will raise a special smile: - a smile that is a mixture of both laughter and revenge.