Saturday 2 May 2015

Thanet Green Party Councillor still on police domestic extremists databse

The Guardian has reported on Green Party councillor, Ian Driver, having a whinge about the police holding a file on him as part of a database on domestic extremists. But Driver knew in 2013 that the police were monitoring him and it's been in the public domain since the Thanet Gazette reported on it last year.

This isn't news, it's olds but seeing as how Cllr Driver is so desperate for publicity let's take a look at his record and association with extremists.

Cllr Driver has close ties to Comrade Bunny La Roche, the rent-a-mob left wing extremist with an all-consuming irrational hatred of Nigel Farage who organises the protests against UKIP in Kent and further afield. Comrade La Roche and Cllr Driver organised the violent protest against Nigel Farage during which one of Cllr Driver's prominent supporters, Andrew Scott, assaulted Farage with a placard.

The Labour leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Clive Hart, resigned from the Local Government Association because of Cllr Driver's "futile and vexatious complaints and information requests" a year ago.

Cllr Driver had to be removed from a council meeting by the police after refusing to stop illegally filming the meeting and was behind proposals for a cannabis café in Thanet. He planned to stand for election as Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent on a platform of legalisation of drugs and prostitution but couldn't raise the £5k deposit.

Driver is a troublemaker who not only participates in violent protests with far left extremists but is actively involved in organising them. If you organise violent protests, associate with known violent extremists, get yourself into a position of authority and then seek more power you should expect the police to be interested in you.