Monday 15 June 2015

Alexis Tsipras is an unlikely hero for eurosceptics

The German Vice-Chancellor has warned that "not only is time running out, but so too is patience across Europe" as the Germans have failed once more to force the Greek government to break their election promises in exchange for more debt.

Left wing Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has become an unlikely hero for eurosceptics across the continent. It's certainly not his commitment to increased public spending and Greek membership of the EU that's earned the admiration of people from across the political spectrum but his refusal to roll over and be bullied by the Germans. The latest red line - no cuts to unaffordably generous state pensions - is irresponsible but it is a decision made by the democratically elected government of Greece and to any right-thinking democrat that trumps the demands of the unelected EU, ECB and IMF.

The best thing that can happen to Greece now is a default on its austerity-era loans, an exit from the €uro and leaving the EU. Greece is unable to give preferential creditor status to secure cheaper loans from non-EU countries while it remains a member of the EU and whilst tied into the single currency it is unable to devalue to attract foreign investment and boost domestic markets. Greece doesn't need the EU and the EU doesn't need Greece.

Greece hasn't been German since the second world war. Jog on Merkel.