Tuesday 20 October 2015

More than £130m per year paid in child benefit to EU immigrants

Immigrants from the EU are claiming £27m in child benefit for their children who live overseas every year which contributes to a child benefit bill for EU immigrants of over £130m.

EU immigrants are given preferential treatment over immigrants from the Commonwealth and the rest of the world, being allowed to move here in unlimited numbers and have the same entitlement to benefits as people already living here. Someone moving here from Australia or India, for example, would have to prove that they had the means to support themselves before they were given permission to move here. Someone from the EU merely has to get on a plane and fly over here and if they claim to be self employed, can claim benefits from the day set foot in the country.

The right to claim benefits for family members that live in another EU country is one that is guaranteed under EU law and makes a mockery of the claims made by supporters of mass immigration that immigrants made a positive contribution to the economy.