Sunday 18 October 2015

Bishops demand we take in 50k refugees and illegal immigrants

Not content with taking 20,000 refugees and illegal immigrants from Syria and the Middle East, 85 Church of England bishops have demanded we take another 30,000 which they describe as our "moral duty".

With an income well in excess of half a billion a year, taxpayer money coming to almost half a billion and over £5bn of investments the Church of England will presumably be more than happy to cover the cost of bringing another 30,000 people into the country. Perhaps they'll offer to house them in all those empty churches, palaces and other properties the Church of England owns? There are 15 churches up for sale in central and northern England that could, with some of that billion pound a year income, be converted into housing for them.

Of course there's no offer from the bishops to house and pay for the 30,000 people they want to bring over here, that "moral duty" falls to us proles.

How many Syrians would fit in the Palace of the Bishop of Bath & Wells?