Friday 16 October 2015

Radio Free UK - 22nd Weekly Friday Programme - a Great Afternoons listening!

22nd weekly programme out now!

We have...

- A flashback with Farage and Hannan discussing the Lisbon Treaty just before it was signed - how slippery this slope has been!

- Vanessa interviews a Medium (maybe he can find the mythical positive case for EU membership!)

- This weeks highlights of EU in/out discussions Farage, Aker, Evans and more.

- The all time classic Michael O’Leary (founder of Ryan Air) addressing and EU hosted Innovation Convention.

- A choice selection of libertarian podcasts (including Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux)

- And an exclusive - humourists Batsby's 'When I am King' blog read by John Powell.

And our EU Out Ambassador programme is progressing - with an initial syllabus and baseball caps!

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