Saturday 6 February 2016

Radio Free UK #37 out now - and now streaming on TuneIn Radio!

Dear UKIP Bloggerati consumers!

No funny picture this week (there are only so many hours in a day) - maybe we should go metric and have 25 hours in a day... the extra one could be handy :)

The big news is that as well as being available on demand from our website, and on iTunes, and on YouTube, and on any RSS feed player, we are also now streaming on TuneIn Radio!

Its early days and a bit experimental but this opens up lots of possibilities for extra material and interaction.

Currently the weekly friday show is played through starting at 7:00 12:00 and 5:00 with additional material in between - it may be things that we didn't include in the show or things we might be including in a future show - but it should all be interesting and relevant - so you can listen all day, every day!

So what have we got for you this week?... loads.

The EU referendum issue is moving quickly - we had to ditch a load of material from the start of the week, as it was completely superseded by the end of the week! 

So our first section is our usual updates on the EU referendum leave/brexit campaigns.

Then we have some great articles looking at the deal that Cameron is actually negotiating - all pretty negative about it to be honest!

Then we have our regulars:

Scottie K is back in his cab... but for how long? Things are changing in London.

Jake The Writer helpfully reminds us that not all the news is EU related.

Godfrey Bloom raises some serious concerns over EU referendum 'dirty tricks'

Better Off Out continue telling us what is wrong with our fishing industry under EU  control and how we can go about saving it - with their second 'Save British Fish' campaign podcast.

Then we have a magazine section of mixed entertaining and informative content - the best bits from elsewhere that that you may have missed

A short section of three items on womens safey in the EU - including a heartfelt plea by a 16 year old German girl driven to make her first YouTube video. Which we have had dubbed - credits on the video on our YouTube channel.

Finally our audio book continues - chapter 2 part 2. And the programme isl rounded off with a tale from Batsby - fully produced by Alan Taylor Shearer.

Wow - how do we get it all done eh?

I really don't know, but we do - so do enjoy it, and if you want to help please, please contact  me at we could use wordpress skills,youtube skills, facebook skills, google plus skills etc... one man can only do so much!

Listen on and Enjoy.