Friday 18 March 2016

Australia's hard line immigration policy has resulted in 600 days without boats full of illegal immigrants

Since implementing a policy of intercepting all illegal immigrant boats and returning them to their country of origin and housing successful asylum seekers in refugee camps on remote islands in the Pacific, Australia has enjoyed 600 days without a single boat load of illegal immigrants entering its waters.

The policy is still criticised by left wingers and there are some issues with the conditions of the camps but their hard line on illegal immigration is hard to describe as anything other than a success. Australia has a huge immigrant population just like the UK but unlike the UK they expect them to live like Australians, not bring all their customs, conflicts and prejudices with them.

If you have skills they need and the ability to financially support yourself then it's not hard to get into Australia. If you don't have any money and are looking for a career as a hand car washer then you're going to be disappointed. Unlike the UK where you'll be welcomed with open arms and given benefits to make up for the fact that washing cars doesn't pay the bills.